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Custom Shades, Chairside Assistance & Case Planning

Custom Shades

When it comes to cases that require the highest level of aesthetics, we offer in-lab custom shade appointments where your patient can be seen by the ceramist working on the case. Our operatories are set apart from the main lab with a comfortable waiting area. The rooms have large windows so the ceramist can get first-hand observations of color, texture, and shape.

When aesthetics are critical, decreasing the number of steps decreases the chances of miscommunication.

Chairside Assistance

We offer a variety of surgical and chairside services to enhance your practice and maximize your production. Our chairside technicians provide:

Chairside Assistance-web.jpg
  • Consulting
    We are available to meet with the doctor and patient to discuss treatment options and expectations.
  • Conversion Assistance
    Assist the surgeon during the surgery and convert the temporary denture for immediate load.
  • Implant Parts & Systems
    Our doctors are welcome to our large supply of implant parts and torque wrenches.
  • Final Prosthesis Records
    Our chairside technicians are available for final prosthesis impressions and records, try-in and delivery assistance.
  • Repairs
    We offer in-lab or on-site repairs and trouble shooting for temporary and final hybrid prostheses and final overdentures.
Dental x-ray


At Exceptional Dental Arts, our technicians are highly trained from prestigious institutions and can design single units, full mouth diagnostic wax-ups, smile design, and provide excellent design and function for patient and doctor presentation.

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